The experience

Visiting The Wakefield Mill Hotel & Spa is far more that an ordinary trip, it is an experience. Combining nature, history, art, gastronomy and many more attractive characteristics, The Mill is looking forward to helping you to live its unique experience!

Nature, Nurture & Culture

Outdoor Adventures

All year long you will be pleased to appreciate the region, especially the nature in Wakefield. One of the main features of our area is the Gatineau Park, the largest protected green space in Outaouais. There are also many other activities for various tastes around the town. Let’s begin your adventure!

Winter activities

While the winter season has started, nothing is more fun than be outdoors and enjoy a great breeze of fresh air! We suggest you take advantage of our famous region for cross-country skiing. 200 km of groomed trails are at your disposal in Gatineau Park. For the alpine skiing and snowboarding, there is great places to go in the Gatineau mountains like Ski Vorlage or Sommet Edelweiss (Tubing Park also). For Fat Bike and snowshoeing, Expedition Wakefield is the destination!

Indoor activities like indoor climbing are also possible if the forecast is not good and the best place to do so is Klimat indoor climbing gym. The Wakefield cinema is also a nice place to visit while the weather is difficult.

Not to mentioned that a wide range of great treatments are offered at the Mill’s Holtz Spa Nature. Ideal for a beautiful snowy day!

Summer activities

In summer, if you like to have fun and move a lot, here is some ideas to keep you entertained : Camp Fortune - Zip lining, Mountain coaster and Mountain Biking only 20 minutes from the hotel. The Gatineau Park trails and beaches are also near the Hotel (P17) so you can do activities like Fatbike, cycling, hiking, picnicking, kayaking, swimming etc. For the more adventurous it is also possible to do bungee at Great Canadian Bungee! Finally, for the horse lovers, there is Captiva Farms that offers epic horseback trail riding in the wondrous Gatineau hills (only 15 minutes drive from the Mill).

Nature Experiences

The surroundings of the Wakefield Mill are changing according to the season and if you visit us a few times in a year, you will be able to see the landscape transforms itself from a bloom to a beautiful white canvas.

Our Historic walks

Take a step into the past by walking across the Wakefield Mill’s site or in its village! Many old buildings, houses, bridges, shops and sites are renowned for their past and are interesting to visit so you will be pleased to note that some vintage pieces come from the 1800s! You also have access to the renowned Fairbairn House by taking a 12 minute walk from the Mill and take the Wakefield Covered Bridge. Once arrived, a self-guided tour is offered to enjoy and follow the historic journey of the site. Further on the site, you can take a walk to visit the MacLaren Cemetery where you will have a beautiful overview on the village. If you continue your walk, there is three forest trails starting from there to stroll.

The Gatineau Park

The Gatineau Park is the perfect place to enjoy a variety of activities all year long; walking in the forest, cycling, cross-country skiing, swimming, snowshoeing etc. Access the park for free and experience nature at its best. From the Mill, take the P17 entrance and get the chance to begin your adventure in the park!

Forest bathing

Have you ever heard of Forest Bathing? It is kind of a therapeutic activity, and it helps you connect with nature. Take a long walk into the woods and soak up all your senses! For more info on the practice.

Culinary Experiences

Farm to table.

Our culinary facilities are experts in making you comfortable, charmed, and satisfied. At La Muse Restaurant and Héron Wine Bar, our main goal is to make you discover delicious dishes in a peaceful environment.

For a special night, get the chance to book a table in one of our Starlight Chalets, which offers you a transformative outdoor experience under the stars! This magic setting is immersive and will be memorable.

Wellness Experiences

At The Wakefield Mill Hotel & Spa, the wellness of our guests is a priority, so we offer a variety of treatments through a luxurious experience.

Holtz Spa in Nature

Wellness Retreats and Spa Treatments

Holtz Spa in Nature is a World Class Spa Destination. The treatments are uniquely created to offer you the most personalized wellness adventure. From the tip of your toes to your neck, you will be pleased to get the best care.

Various wellness packages are available, book your dreamed wellness treatment now! Holtz Spa is in a class of its own!

Our hot tubs experience*

In an intimate setting, take time for yourself by enjoying our spas and hot tub in nature. You will never have a better view and sound than this to calm and recenter yourself.

*Reservation are required for the hot tub.

Experience Wakefield Village

A Charming Village

The village of Wakefield is unique and charming. There is a lot of local shops and boutiques to discover. Get the chance to stroll in the forest or near the river for a need of fresh air or visit the local streets for a touch of history.

Local shops

There is many local shops, boutiques and history places to visit when you come to Wakefield. To mention a few of them; Wakefield’s General Store, Jamboree Boutique, Expedition Wakefield and the Confiserie de Wakefield.

Baked Goods

During the day if you crave a good coffee or croissant, you will have the choice; Wakefield Bakery and Bluebarn Coffee Roasters. Nothing is better to complete a nice shopping spree!

Fashion Experiences


Wakefield has great boutiques, and its fashion destinations are My Deliliah Hillside (directly on the Mill’s site), a simple and elegant boutique that offers trendy woman clothes.

There is also Khewa Native Art Boutique that offers products made locally to promote indigenous artists. Have a good shopping!

Outdoor Adventures

All year long activities

There are also many outdoors adventures that can be done every season like Eco Odyssee, a unique family experience! In winter enjoy this special skating maze! Adults and children alike find what they are looking for, either to measure their knowledge and their sense of observation or simply to relax at ease while contemplating nature (3 km from the Mill).

Art Experiences

Art is very important for us at The Wakefield Mill Hotel & Spa. We pay special attention to art because our cultural roots are precious, and we want to continue cultivating them with passion.


Art at the Mill

When you visit the Main Building of the Mill, you can see a few of our art pieces are exposed on the walls. The purpose is to create a charming and creative ambiance that will let you inspired. All of our pieces are for sale and you can buy them easily via our online art gallery.

Local Art Galleries

When you visit Wakefield it is possible to do the Wakefield Art Tour which is offering a tour of the art studios over two weekend in the year to make you discover many great independent local artists in their respective environment. There is also three local art galleries to visit; Farrellton Artist Space, McKenzie Marcotte & Wakefield Artisans Galerie.

Spiritual Experiences


Nourishing the mind is just as important

If you are fervent of yoga, semi-private classes are offered at Wakefield Wellness to guide you in the practice. Meditation in the forest and Forest Bathing are also great activities to reconnect with our soul and rejuvenate ourselves while being in nature. Feel free to step out the door without stress and just walk to discover what life has to offer you, enjoy the weather freely and finally, get yourself comfortable to admire the beautiful and quiet landscape.